5 Things You Need to Know about Hemp

5 Things You Need to Know about Hemp

First, let’s bust a myth. Hemp does not equal marijuana and it won't get you high. We’re pegging hemp foods to be one of the biggest health food trends in Australian and NZ in 2018. Here’s everything you need to know about this ancient superfood.

  1. Hemp foods were legalised as a food in November 2017

Before November, food grade hemp seed and proteins were marketed as body scrubs and hemp oil as a body oil. It was only people in the know about the health benefits of this super seed who enjoyed all its omega 3 and 6 and fibre benefits inside and out!

  1. What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species Cannabis sativa, but hemp has been selectively bred over centuries to favour its agricultural and industrial properties, while marijuana was bred to favour psychoactive properties with a a higher ratio of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It's the THC in marijuana that gets you high. Agricultural hemp grown for food contains no or very low levels of THC, and gives the best seed yield. It's the hemp seed that’s the nutritionally dense food source Aussies can now legally enjoy.

  1. The perfect plant-based protein

Globally hemp seeds have been sitting beside flax and chia as super seeds, favoured for their nutty buttery taste and host of health benefits.

Hemp seeds offer a near complete source of plant based nutrition. It’s even written that in the years before the Buddha reached nirvana, his diet consisted only of hemp foods.

Its key benefit over the likes of flax and chia is that hemp is a naturally great source of vegan protein, providing more protein per gram than beef.

Similarly to animal proteins, but unlike many other plant-based sources, hemp seeds contains all amino acids for muscle building and repair including the 9 “essential” amino acids your body can’t produce on its own. Adding to that, it’s also an edestin-based protein which is highly bioavailable, meaning your gut can digest its nutrients easily. Edestin-based proteins have also been shown to help repair DNA.

  1. Vitamins and minerals for whole food nutrition

As hemp is naturally potent source of protein, there’s minimal processing that occurs before it arrives in the health food aisle.

To make a hemp seed protein or oil, the seed is simply cold pressed - there are no chemical or acidic extraction processes needed to isolate the protein. When it comes to hemp seeds, they are simply dehulled, opening a nutty, buttery heart.

This means you enjoy much more than a protein when eating hemp. Cold pressing retains other nourishing elements of hemp including the ideal balance of delicate omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Hemp is also rare source of GLA, a type of omega 6, revered for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Hemp oil has become a staple globally as an alternative to olive oil, with its boost of omegas, vitamin E and 40% less saturated fat.

The gluten free protein and seeds also retain their naturally occurring magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin B1.

  1. A sustainable food source for our growing population

Hemp is a pretty miraculous plant - it consumes 4 x more carbon dioxide than other trees and actually helps to replenish nutrients into the soil on which it’s grown. Industrial hemp has been used to clean up deadly pollutants in oils, most famously near the site of the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl.

Unlike other plants, it hemp needs a relatively small amount of water (ideal for Aussie farmers!) and doesn’t need hexanes or other chemicals to grow abundantly.

The whole plant can be put to work in various ways, making its growth cycle a “zero waste” process. From hemp paper to “hempcrete” to clothing, medicine and even plastics - hemp is one of the most versatile and nutritious plants on earth.

HEMPLE - Your raw health high.

At HEMPLE we worship your body. We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality Australian owned and grown hemp seed products. We guarantee no chemical extractions or synthetic additives, just real foods and simple, natural goodness. 

Learn more about plant based nutrition and buy Australian owned and grown, non-GMO hemp foods on Hemp Academy.


Jul 14, 2018 • Posted by Andrew

I was buying hemp protein long before it was legalised for human consumption. We put it on our breakfast and in smoothies. Sadly, once hemp became legal to consume, the price more than tripled over night. Now hemp protein is too expensive for our budget. Hemp is an amazing food source that is no more expensive to produce than other grain crops, but is now out of the reach of many Australians. The excuse, the demand for hemp in Australia is so high. I look forward to the day when hemp is as common as bananas and everyone can enjoy its health benefits.

Feb 27, 2018 • Posted by Christopher

I love all hemp products and I use many of them. In terms of the benefits…saturated fats have been outlawed falsely for far longer than they should’ve been. Only particularly trans-fats are what you want to avoid. Just a tip to not list lower saturated fats as a benefit as it further instills the lie that they’re the villain. Eg. If it was lower in trans-fats, THAT would be a benefit.

Feb 13, 2018 • Posted by DJ Mclean

How do we go about purchasing products and do u make 100% hemp oil products to take medicinaly thank you DJ

Feb 13, 2018 • Posted by DJ Mclean

How do we go about purchasing products and do u make 100% hemp oil products to take medicinaly thank you DJ

Jan 21, 2018 • Posted by Marlon Caballero

I have recently bought a wonderful bag of hemp flour. I keep it in the fridge. I have a problem with constipation , so I add a little to my thermogenic protein powder shake smoothie for benefits. My question is, does the hemp flour act as an intestinal broom to sweep out all the rubbish in my large colon, and cleanse it thoroughly at the same time??
I would like to know this information as I have recently gone to the bathroom and felt lighter and healthier all of a sudden. Over the last couple of years I have put on a little weight due to a congenital chromosome disorder known as male hypogonadism. I am a man. Before I was born, my pituitary gland stopped working and thus my body produces absolutely no testosterone naturally. it certainly doesn’t help when I start putting on even MORE WEIGHT than ever before, because of this tragic and unfortunate genetic condition which can lead to very serious health problems later on in life; including premature death.. I am currently seeing an endocrinologist who gives me testosterone injections once every 3 weeks. I am also restructuring my entire diet and supplement regime to help me along and greatly improve my overall health. Could you please most kindly, offer some great advice on the great benefits of hemp flour.

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