Healthy hacks to get you through the festive season

Healthy hacks to get you through the festive season

The festive season is in full swing! This time of year is famous for over-indulging and not worrying about anything ‘health-wise’ until about mid January when we start to wonder how the heck we are going to get back on track. You CAN do the silly season in a ‘not so silly’ way and still enjoy everything that this time of year has to offer.  

Here are my top 5 hacks to get you through:

1. Indulge but don’t over-indulge. Think about this seriously for a second, the festive season doesn’t start and end on December 25th , for most of us the invites to festivities start rolling in about mid-November and finish up sometime in the New Year. This equates to a potential 6 solid weeks of extra lunches, dinners and catch-ups, which leaves a lot of room for error. You can enjoy a healthy meal and a ‘bevvy’ or two with friends and colleagues quite easily without over-doing it, it’s really up to the choices that you make. So swap a hangover bacon and egg sandwich for a nutritious smoothie to cleanse your liver, and try to avoid the canapes or simply limit your intake of pre dinner nibbles.

2. Go easy on the Booze.  Now, I love a glass of wine or beer as much as the next person so this is not coming from a ‘holier than now’ preachy place. This is coming from a place of practicality, why does ‘a good time’ need to be defined by excessive indulgence? Have a few drinks and enjoy them and drink plenty of water or soda water in between and after, in short , make sure you stay hydrated at the same time. Choose ‘healthier’ boozey options – stay away from the pre-mixed sugar-jacked crap drinks and opt for good quality wine and beer – and if you’re drinking spirits, mix them yourself with soda water and some fresh citrus.

3. Don’t Stuff your Stocking on Christmas Day. By this I mean your gut in general, in other words don’t over-eat! It seems that to truly celebrate Christmas day you have to eat in excess of 4000 calories and then roll yourself home, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can still enjoy Christmas Day festivities with out over-doing it.  Opt for the same size plate of food you would usually consume and pop your food together as you normally would. Focus on some form of protein { for me it’s prawns and ham} with lots of salad and veggies, then if you’re still hungry, enjoy some stone fruit. Give your meal time to digest before deciding about 2nd helpings or dessert.

4. Be a conscientious caterer or contributor. Think about what you want your party table to look like or what you want to contribute. When I think Festive Food I think of the many wonderful culinary delights and experiences that can be shared. For example ‘snack food and nibbles’ doesn’t have to be lollies, chocolates and potato chips, think quality cured meats, hummus, chutney, pesto, veggie sticks, olives, antipasto, nuts, cherry toms, stonefruit and grapes. For me the perfect Christmas spread is a collection of different fresh, seasonal salads, seafood and cold home-cooked meats.

5. Enjoy the Christmas Presence { Not presents }. The festive season is a beautiful time of year where everyone has the opportunity to get together and spend time with the people that we love. So do just that, Enjoy EVERY moment. Eat delicious food, have a few champagnes {or your ‘bevvy’ of choice} and most importantly give, love and laugh x

By Carissa Anne.

Nutritionist {BHSc} – The JCN Clinic

Carissa is an accredited and practicing nutritionist at the JCN Clinic in Brisbane. The JCN Clinic is renowned for their focus on Digestive Health and an individualised, balanced approach to eating and nutrition.  Carissa is available for Nutritional Consultations in person or via Skype or phone. To find out more contact the Clinic via email


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